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Automation of Laboratory Procedures


The EAL computer hardware systems include servers for e-mail, internet, databases, and 1600 network nodes. At a minimum every member of staff will be supplied with one computer. In addition to implementing general work administration software systems, the EAL has finished testing management software systems including :

Environmental analysis laboratory management.


Performance evaluation sample delivery.


Environmental analysis laboratory business management.


Laboratory business statistics.

The above systems will continue to be updated as necessary. The EAL also publishes a standard methods and environmental analysis laboratory directory on the web , and has achieved laboratory automation through LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System). LIMS includes the following subsystems :

Delivery tracking management.


Analytical data record QA/QC.


Auditing management.


Analytical report manageme


Backup management


Statistical report management


Standard operation procedure (SOP)


Training record management


Instrument management


Reagent management


Sample residues management


Complaints treatment


Manual of quality assurance

LIMS became operational in June,1999. We are currently working to integrate LIMS with the internet.

Environmental Analysis Laboratory
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