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Environmental protection, energy savings, safety, and efficiency were all considered in the planning and construction of the national environment analysis building which has a ground area of thirty-six thousand square meters. The main complex consists of a modernized Roman style courtyard and a central office building surrounded by laboratories on two wings. It has one basement floor and eight floors above ground and was constructed between March 9,1996 and November 16,1998.

Built to the highest international standards, the building features: a super-high tension electricity system from Taiwan Electricity Power Company to ensure maintenance of electrical quality ; ; violation isolation floor system ; fireproofed acid and alkali resistant laboratory tables ; acid and alkali resistive and slip free epoxy painted floors ; emergency shower and eye washing equipment ; and toxic and leaking gas detection and alarm system. Centrally controlled and locally operated dual control systems have also been adopted for pollution treatment and control. Many independent collection facilities are also located in the laboratories. High concentration organic waste and solid waste are handled by incinerator combined with an air pollution control unit. There is also a high concentration inorganic waste treatment unit. Heavy metal waste is treated with Magnetic-Ferrite equipment. All aspects of pollutants , from quantity estimates through to collection and processing are carefully investigated and evaluated. Waste water, exhausts, and wastes are sorted, collected and properly processed at source. Treated waste water can also be reused , thus helping to conserve water resources.

Here in Taiwan, we are very pleased to have a central government environmental testing institute with such modern testing facilities , because controlling environmental pollutants is a high priority. We are now able to test for and identify pollutants , our testing and automation procedures are world-class , and our management systems is highly proficient. The institute also supports the EPA's various inspection protocols which further helps to effectively control environmental pollution. Our environmental research continues to upgrade environmental protection quality in our country.

Environmental Analysis Laboratory
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