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Second Division : Air and Physical Testing Division


Second Division is responsible for :

 ●Sampling and testing of air quality, stationary and mobile sources air pollutants.

 ●Testing of non-ionizing radiation, noise and vibration for ambient physical.

Major Tasks:

 ● Sampling and testing of stack emission .

 ● Testing of noise and vibration.

 ● Research mobil laboratory for real-time measurement.

 ● Test method identification and development for gaseous organic solvent in air.

 ● Analytical technology research for volatile organic compounds in air.

 ● Ozone precursor research in South Taiwan.

 ● Environment investigation in Industry park.

 ● Investigation of physical impact (noise, vibration, EMF) for Tiawan High Speed Rail.

 ● Testing electro-magnetic field for cell-phone antenna station in Taiwan area.

Facilities and Equipments :

 ● Sampling equipments for Dioxin of stack emission.

 ● Continuing Monitor for ambient mercury concentration.

 ● Continuing Monitor for ambient SO2 , NOx, CO, O3, CO2, N2O, EC/OC, THC, NH3 pollutants.


 ● PAN analyzer, PAMS analyser.

 ● Cryo Concentration-GC/MSD.


 ● Extractive-FTIR

 ● RF and ELF electro-magnetic field test meters.

 ● Noise and Vibration test meters.

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