List of Products Made from Industrial Waste Requiring Flow Tracking Announced


Amendments to the Waste Disposal Act were announced on 18 January 2017, adding Article 39-1 which states that the central industry competent authority shall be responsible for the whereabouts of the reuse products which are designated by the central competent authority, and shall conduct environmental monitoring when necessary. The situations needing tracking include: (1) when reuse products are used in sea or land reclamation; (2) when reuse products are used improperly and are likely to endanger the environment or human health; or (3) when the central competent authority considers it necessary to strengthen the control of such reuse products.

The objective of the amendments is to utilize mechanisms such as flow tracking or environmental monitoring to prevent inappropriate use of reused products, which can harm both the environment and human health. In addition, the amendments allow the government to better control the environmental impacts of reused products and promote appropriate applications.

In consideration of the concept of the amendments and practical needs, the EPA listed industrial waste applications for land reclamation and accretion as the Reused Products from Industrial Waste Required for Tracking. The reuse of coal ash, waste foundry and electric arc furnace slag – all products made of industrial wastes – as accretion materials for construction projects or as road base components will be tracked by the relevant ministries in accordance with the Waste Disposal Act. Should reuse present any risk of environmental harm, monitoring will be carried out to prevent the inappropriate use of materials that can pollute the environment. The regulations will enter into effect on 1 August 2018.

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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