EPA Promotes Soil Sustainability on 2020 World Soil Day


To celebrate World Soil Day and highlight the important contribution of healthy soil to food, water resources, energy security, biodiversity conservation, climate stability and other aspects of human welfare, the EPA launched a series of events on 5 December 2020 to promote soil and groundwater conservation. Its aims were to spread the seeds for conservation actions and build a public consensus on soil and groundwater protection through education, promotion, expert knowledge and professional training.


The United Nations has designated 5 December of every year as the World Soil Day, and the theme for 2020 World Soil Day was Keep Soil Alive, Protect Soil Biodiversity. To enhance people’s awareness of soil and groundwater protection and echo the UNs call, the EPA launched promotion events synchronized with other countries to remind the public of the importance of healthy soil. In addition to the premiere of the video Experts Talking about Soil on the day, the EPA also held quiz games on social media platforms that awarded Green Points.

To strengthen people’s knowledge of farmland protection and to cultivate and enhance the quality of Taiwan’s soil and groundwater conservation professionals, EPA officials recently went on several national radio stations to promote farmland pollution prevention. During the programs, the EPA guests talked with radio show hosts about what farmers should look out for during routine farmland checkups, for pollution prevention, and during farmland sales and purchases. In January 2021 the EPA will also hold a four-day camp to provide training for youngsters to boost their creativity and discover their career potential in soil and groundwater conservation. Courses will include soil and groundwater conservation technologies and applications, actual sampling operations, visits to contaminated sites and more, to connect young students with soil and groundwater related industries.

The EPA indicated that the Children’s Book Contest on Soil Biodiversity held by the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) in 2020 used Keep soil alive, protect soil biodiversity as the motto. The FAO also pointed out that soil biodiversity plays an important role in maintaining human welfare and ensuring future agricultural productivity and environmental sustainability.

The EPA has formulated sustainable soil management strategies, and will increase its efforts in integrating practices of experts and successful experiences of other countries. The EPA will also engage in international collaboration and discussion and strengthen its work on preventing soil pollution and improving the functions and utilization of soil environments. The public is also encouraged to cherish soil Mother Earth herself and protect precious soil resources, with fostering healthy and sustainable soil as the ultimate goal.   

Excerpt from Important Environmental Policies, Dec 2020
Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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