Revisions to the Types, Scope, and Scale of Enterprises for Review of Water Pollution Control Measure Plans Announced


According to Article 13 of the Water Pollution Control Act (水污染防治法), enterprises prior to establishment or modification must submit plans and related documents for water pollution prevention. These documents are to be submitted to the competent authorities for a municipality, county or city, or agency commissioned by the central competent authority for review and approval. The above-mentioned types, scopes, and scale are designated by the EPA in consultation with the industry competent authorities.

The types, scope, and scale of industries that should be reviewed was first announced by the EPA on 29 June 1999 and has since undergone five amendments. As the Water Pollution Control Measure Plans are part of each enterprise’s design, enterprises must obtain a permit upon being approved to complete construction. The second stage of review creates a burden for small, lawabiding enterprises. Such a review also wastes administrative resources. Thus, there is a necessity to simplify the review process for enterprises of a smaller scale and focus resources on medium-tolarge scale enterprises and serious offenders.

Revisions thus were made in correspondence with the Water Pollution Control Measure Plans. The categories of enterprises were revised to feature three groups for the approval process and regulation: specific, general, and simple. The simple category is to be exempt from review. The volume threshold for general targets of regulation was adjusted. In addition, serious offenders and high risk polluters were added as a target for review of water pollution control measure plans. Upon implementing these revisions, the targets for reviewing water pollution control plans are as follows:

1. The Water Pollution Act, Article 14-1, Paragraph 1: The EPA designates the enterprises which must disclose the pollutants in discharged wastewater along with the concentration and quantity.

2. General targets are defined as having plans or actually producing wastewater, sewage or sludge of 100m3 per day (metric tons/day). Or they produce raw sewage (sludge) containing materials specified in Article 3, Table 2 of the Regulations Governing Establishment and Management for Responsible Wastewater Treatment Units and Personnel ( 廢 (污)水處理專責單位或人員設置及管理辦法 ), which exceed the effluent standards. It also includes serious offenders with a shutdown due to layoffs, serious violations or false reporting.

3. Enterprises that produce wastewater, leak wastewater, or fail to add cooling water to wastewater, and channel it into underground water systems designated for industrial areas.

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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