Soil and Groundwater Research and Technology Procurement Conference


On 4 June, the EPA held the Cultivating Technologies for a New Era Soil and Groundwater Research and Technology Procurement Conference 2019. The conference exhibited technology developments in the areas of soil and groundwater. It also facilitated dialogue and exchange between private industries, the government, and academia for the purpose of improving field applications for technology and accelerating efforts to remediate polluted soil and groundwater sites.

The EPA stated that quickly recovering polluted sites has become its key mission. As such, optimizing and innovating the development of soil and groundwater technology is now one of its most critical tasks. The EPA annually budgets NT$30 million to encourage public and private universities in Taiwan to invest in research and development related to soil and groundwater. As of this year, there have been 129 international publications, 20 patents produced, and five technology transfers. The EPA has also successfully matched 43 pieces of technology to be applied at test sites. These developments have cultivated talented experts in soil and groundwater.

The EPA held this research and technology procurement conference to particularly focus on presenting technology developments and cross-field applications. As such, Taiwan’s experts and scholars in soil and groundwater were invited to share their research and demonstrate the potential applications for certain technologies. In addition, the conference provided a channel for exchanging technology. The conference brought together industries applying local technology related to soil and groundwater to effectively improve Taiwan’s polluted sites. Participants could also take advantage of the conference to forge ties with industries, the government, and academia, creating more market opportunities.

Excerpt from Environmental Policy Monthly, 22 (6)

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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