Industrial Waste Reuse Management Regulations Tightened


To improve regulations for the reuse of industrial waste and to implement resources cycling policy, the EPA revised the Industrial Waste Reuse Management Regulations. Key areas for tightening regulations for the benefit of practical operations were permission reviews and operations management. 

The revisions are in compliance with revisions made to the Waste Disposal Act Article 39, Paragraph 2 on 18 Jan 2017 and also the Regulations Concerning Common Industrial Waste Management, announced on 8 Jan 2018. Key revisions include:

1.    “Permission review” and “operations management” concerning reuse are tightened. Procedures and standards for permission approval are specified in order to protect the rights and interests of citizens.

2.    To improve the management of permissions, competent authorities can request a general case permission be converted to an individual case permission application. In addition, the revision adds key criteria for rejecting and returning permission applications, as well as requires product purposes and warnings on labels in accordance with regulations.

3.    If the reuse does not adhere to regulations, or a reused product is not in accordance with product standards, competent authorities can stop a reuse organization from accepting and reusing wastes, or selling reuse products. Enterprises that commit serious offenses will forfeit their reuse permissions, in addition to being subject to fines and a limited time period for correction, as stipulated by the Waste Disposal Act. 

4.    Besides declaring the flow of reuse products online, when necessary competent authorities can request that a reuse organization track a product to its ultimate end user in order to better understand its flow.

Excerpt from Environmental Policy Monthly, 22 (7)

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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