USEPA Representatives Attend 2018 Eco-Campus Award Ceremony


The US-Taiwan Eco-Campus Partnership Program 2018 Award Ceremony was held on 11 December at Wufeng Elementary School in Wufeng District, Taichung. In attendance were guests from the USEPA, along with representatives from eco-campuses and the environmental protection bureaus from counties around Taiwan. Schools were awarded certifications during the ceremony, including green flags for seven schools, silver medals for 26, and bronze medals for 53. The number of schools awarded a green flag at a single ceremony was the highest in the history of the program in Taiwan.

Schools created booths and displayed posters showing the results of their respective environmental projects. During the afternoon program, school representatives shared their thoughts and experiences of promoting environmentalism with one another. This year marked a new high for Taiwan with seven schools receiving a green flag award. Among the schools that received certificates, New Taipei City’s Jian-An Elementary School and Tainan City’s Hushan Experimental Elementary School received certifications again, marking their continued successes. Among the schools that received the green flag were Wanli Elementary School, Taoyuan City’s Da-An Elementary School, Dashan Elementary School in Miaoli County, and Huashan Junior High School and Jiu-Guan Elementary School in Changhua County. Taiwan has had a total of nine schools that received a green flag certification so far. 

This year’s event recognized schools and planned for inter-school promotion of environmental education and exchanges among eco-campuses. The award ceremony particularly invited eco-campuses in central Taiwan to set up exhibition booths to share their processes of promoting an eco-campus. During the program, specific implementation challenges for ecocampuses at different schools were also on display. This event not only facilitated inter-school dialogue but also displayed the wide variety of eco-campuses, along with evolving environmental issues and learning methods. The event was led by an eco-team made up of teachers and students from Taichung’s Wufeng Elementary School, who excitedly led a tour of the school, including gardens, butterfly trails, an eco-pool full of surprises and the first inclusive playground. Green flag schools and silver medal schools shared their experiences in the presentations that followed.

Excerpt from Environmental Policy Monthly, 22(1)

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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