Operation Guidelines Announced to Promote Indoor Air Quality Voluntary Control Label


The Operation Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality Voluntary Control Labels was announced on 2 July by the EPA to encourage public and private premises to obtain voluntary control labels. The goal is to promote public and private venues to improve indoor air quality and let a wider range of venues to voluntarily participate in maintaining publicly used environments. This will encourage these venues to obtain the label, enhance their corporate image, and safeguard public health.

With 18 articles in total, the Guidelines specify the categories, applications, evaluations, and use and management of the voluntary control labels for both private and public venues. Those who wish to apply for the labels are to maintain indoor air quality, carry out control plans, and commission the EPA-approved testing analysis institutes to conduct testing based on the Regulations Concerning Announced Venues Indoor Air Quality Testing and Analysis. Only after a report is produced proving that an applicant qualifies for all regulations will the application be proceeded. Use of the label is granted if an applicant complies with all of the Guidelines' requirements and is approved by the municipal, county, or competent city authorities after reviews. Labels can be displayed at the venue entrances and exits to enhance corporate image.

Besides issuing Green Points to encourage private and public venues to be rated "excellent" in the label system, the EPA plans to include these venues under competent authorities' evaluation mechanism. These venues will be recognized by the EPA, thereby gaining increased public satisfaction. In addition, if the premises in the first and second announcements under the Indoor Air Quality Act to improve from "good" to "excellent," their testing frequency would be decreased down to once every three years. And there would be fewer required number of sampling spots. The aim is to urge all premises to increase voluntary efforts and help protect public health.

The EPA is currently registering the logo of the voluntary control label system with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA). The "excellent" label shows a building with an azure roof and green walls, symbolizing indoor greening. The "good" label is a building with orange roof and yellow walls, the upper edge of which has an opening to let in the wind to improve indoor air circulation and ventilation. Both images have a smiley face, showing how much one would enjoy the excellent indoor air quality.

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, July 2021

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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