Guidelines for Formulating Greenhouse Gas Phased Control Targets and Measures Preannounced


To implement greenhouse gas reduction and set phased control targets, on 30 August 2016 the EPA preannounced the draft of Guidelines for Formulating Greenhouse Gas Phased Control Targets and Control Measures.

To set phased targets for greenhouse gas emission control so as to meet the cap on emissions within every five year period, the EPA, in accordance with Article 11 Paragraph 1 of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management Act on 24 March 2016 convened central competent authorities, experts, scholars, and civilian groups to establish the Greenhouse Gas Phased Control Targets Consultation Committee. This committee will be engaged in discussions on the formulation of the control targets for each phase and the procedural regulations related to the control measures.

1) The timetable for each control phase and the consideration factors thereof

2) The major contents of and references for national and sector control targets

3) The basis for formulating sector greenhouse gas emission control targets under the Greenhouse Gas Emission Control Action Plan

4) The evaluation indicators to be incorporated into the Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Program and each sector’s Greenhouse Gas Emission Control Action Plan

5) The procedures for formulating the phased control targets

6) The procedures for public hearings for control target formulation and related information disclosure

7) Review of the implementation and achievement of the control targets

8) Mechanisms for adjusting the control targets

This draft is to be jointly reviewed by the EPA, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and the Council of Agriculture. Afterwards, the EPA will consult with the central competent authorities and hold a public hearing to formulate the control targets for the first phase of control (2016-2020). After the public hearing, the draft will be submitted to the Executive Yuan for final approval.

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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