New Regulations on Industrial Waste Disposal Plan Promulgated


The industrial waste clearance and disposal plan is considered an important management tool for the government since it includes detailed operation information of a business, the amount of waste generated, and how the waste will be disposed of. However, the relative regulations on the disposal plan were all separated in different policies which caused ambiguity in the legislation hierarchy. Therefore, the EPA formulated the Regulations Governing the Review of Industrial Waste Clearance and Disposal Plans in accordance with the Waste Disposal Act, and annulled the Regulations Governing Industrial Waste Clearance and Disposal Plans, Plan Formats and Items to be Stated. By reorganizing and clarifying the related regulations on the disposal plan, the EPA aims to maintain consistency of the review process and reinforce the management of industrial waste.

Now that the regulations are more organized and easier to understand, the EPA expects that future disposal, clearance, or reuse of waste will be done legally in accordance with the approved disposal plan.

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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