Greenhouse Gas Offset Program Management Regulations Announced


On 31 December 2015, the EPA announced the Regulations Governing Greenhouse Gas Offset Program Management(溫室氣體抵換專案管理辦法), which has 21 articles in total. The regulations primarily govern enterprise offset programs and the matters of concern for the central competent authority that reviews such programs. The regulations are part of the government’s continuing push for voluntary emission reductions before the next emission cap phase is introduced.

In drawing up the Regulations Governing Greenhouse Gas Offset Program Management, the EPA referred primarily to the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism and the EPA’s experience in implementing the promotion of offset programs. Applications for offset schemes will be divided into “projects” and “plans” according to stated criteria, and the application rules and evaluation criteria will differ accordingly. The Regulations Governing Greenhouse Gas Offset Program Management also cover the verification of emission reduction methods and approval of reduction quotas for early-stage programs and offset programs that were previously approved by the EPA in accordance with the old implementation principles.

The purpose of the offset program is to incentivize enterprises to voluntarily reduce emissions so that national reduction targets of the current phase can be met before the cap system is introduced.

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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