Amendments to Working Standards for Environmental Agent Permit Application and Issuance Announced


The guidelines were revised to include chemical repellants for human use. Natural products that act as repellants or attractants for insects or rodents which are not lethal to insects will be exempt from the need for a permit, after applicants have provided relevant documents and data to the EPA for approval. Furthermore, considering that most active ingredients found in environmental agents are high in concentration and stability, and their use is limited to the production of environmental agents, the expiration period for such products has been revised to five years.

The main points for the amendments are as follows:

1. The deadline for providing additional documents for applications has been extended to 90 days.

2. Sodium chlorite, the active ingredient for fungicides, at a concentration of lower than 6%, as well as its precursors, will be exempt from needing a permit.

3. Permit expiration date, application deadline for extensions, and conditions for approval or rejection are revised.

4. Procedures for extending or modifying permit applications and the review process are added.

5. Definitions are given for the testing organizations that can conduct tests on the physical and chemical properties, ingredients and efficacy of environmental agents.

6. Items for toxicity tests that must be conducted in order to apply for permits for repellants for human use are added.

7. The expiration period of precursor products in environmental agents is revised to five years.

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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