Management Regulations Announced for the Reuse of Incinerator Bottom Ash


On 18 May 2020, the EPA announced the management regulations for the reuse of incinerator bottom ash according to the Waste Disposal Act (廢棄物清理法)  Article 14 paragraph 2. Referring to Japanese and Dutch practices and experiences, the regulations were based on leaching scenarios and their control when aggregate of recycled bottom ash is used in the environment. The recycled aggregate leaching procedure (NIEA R222) is used as the leaching testing method. And referring to Groundwater Pollution Control Standards’ classification environmental standards, limitations of usage locations were reviewed.

The main points of this announcement are as follows:

(1) New uses of aggregate are added, including cement products, such as Jersey barriers and road curbs and sanitation landfill construction materials that are not in contact with steel. These uses are classified as fillings for construction foundations, roads and embankments.

(2) Limitations of usage locations were reviewed. Controlled low strength materials used for other purposes cannot be used in sensitive regions, while controlled low strength materials used in ditches and pipes are to be kept out of the sensitive areas in water quality and quantity protection areas.

(3) Environmental standards for recycled incinerator bottom ash aggregates were stipulated. In sensitive areas, aggregates are allowed to be used only for five remanufactured product uses and must comply with Class 1 standards. In regular areas, aggregates can be used for eight unprocessed or remanufactured product uses and must comply with Class 2 standards. For two specific uses in all areas, the use of aggregates must comply with standards set for said specific uses.

(4) If curing is involved, the minimum curing time is increased from a month to 45 days.

The EPA stated that the new regulations will take effect on 1 January 2021 so that all affected agencies have adequate time to adapt to the new requirements.

Excerpt from Environmental Policy Monthly, 23 (6)

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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