Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Registration Required for Large Emission Sources


On 5 January 2016, the EPA announced the Management Regulations Governing Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories and Registration. Henceforth, Taiwan’s major sources of greenhouse gas emissions will be required to conduct regular inventories of their greenhouse gas emission volumes, and have them verified and registered so that the government can keep tabs on the status of emissions. The EPA also announced the first batch of greenhouse gas emission sources that should be registered.

In accordance with Article 16 Paragraph 3 of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management Act – and backed up by the EPA’s experience in implementing the Management Regulations Governing the Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions under the Air Pollution Control Act– the management regulations stipulate the inventory calculation methods for greenhouse gas emission volumes from listed sources, registration procedures, contents of reports, the auditing authority of the competent authority, and online registration and verification procedures.

The EPA also announced the First Batch of Emission Sources Requiring Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory and Registration. The two batches that were announced through the Air Pollution Control Act are included in the announcement. The First Batch of Emission Sources Requiring Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory and Registration stipulates the emission sources for which inventories and registration are required, as well as time periods and deadlines for registration of records. The industries in the first batch were selected because of their pollutants and also for emitting CO2 equivalents of over 25,000 metric tonnes annually. The EPA is asking the affected enterprises to begin implementing the new regime from the date of announcement. The EPA estimates that 269 emission sources are affected, representing over 80% of Taiwan’s greenhouse gas emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels by the industrial sector and the energy sector.

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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