Amendments to Facilities Standards for the Recycling, Storage, and Disposal of Electrical and Electronic Waste Preannounced


The EPA keeps abreast of increasing advancements in industrial technology and takes them into account when drafting regulations. It considered the flexibility of development of disposal technology, the environmental quality of operations, safety, and the strengthening of controls on and management of harmful substances. The main points of the amendments are as follows:

1) Definitions are added for machinery processing systems and sections related to current practices for manual dismantling are revised. The EPA also added regulations regarding the processing of electronic components containing mercury. When processing electrical and electronic products with components containing mercury, the disposing facility must summit a pilot plan and monitor the environment in order to properly control harmful substances within such waste materials.

2) To protect the environment and make the best use of materials, reusable resources and other types of materials must be sorted in order to improve follow-up treatment and recycling.

3) Developmental flexibility for the disposal of integrated circuits (IC) is increased. The amendments also renamed integrated circuits to printed circuit boards (PCB). These changes are made to help turn electrical and electronic waste into a valuable resource through recycling.

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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