Amendments for Tighter Controls in Marine Discharge Pipe Effluent Standards Announced


On 20 October 2017, the EPA announced the amendments to the Marine Discharge Pipe Effluent Standards ( 海洋放流管線放流水標準 ). The amendments include stricter regulations for suspended solids (SS), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), and chemical oxygen demand (COD), which will be implemented in stages. The amendments are aimed at improving the quality of the marine environment by increasing the stability and effectiveness of pipes used by enterprises or sewer systems that discharge effluents into the ocean.

The EPA stated that since some public sewage systems take in both greywater and the wastewater from interceptor sewers, the SS, BOD, COD and other water quality indicators of the take-in water are therefore below the limits announced by the EPA and apprarently need no further treatment to meet the requirements. The EPA therefore tightened the limits on SS, BOD, and COD in order to push enterprises and sewage system operators to meet their responsibilities for appropriate wastewater treatment.

The new limits enter into force on the day of announcement for all newly established enterprises and sewage systems, but do not take effect until 1 July 2018 for existing enterprises and sewage systems. However, for existing enterprises and sewage systems that need to undergo improvement projects to comply with the new limits, the new standards will take effect on 1 January 2021, allowing time to have their effluent pollutant reduction management plans approved by the local competent authorities and carried out accordingly.

The EPA stated that the current amendments to the Marine Discharge Pipe Effluent Standards focus on end-of-pipe management. Enterprises or sewage system operators that discharge wastewater into oceans need to properly operate their wastewater treatment systems or improve their wastewater treatment technology so that the concentrations of the pollutants in the effluent can be reduced and the quality of marine waterbodies can be improved.

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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