Vice President Chen Gives Keynote Speech at AsiaPacific Children’s Health Symposium


In his keynote speech, Vice President Chen stated that Taiwan and the US first signed a bilateral environmental cooperation agreement in 1993, which has grown into the International Environmental Program (IEP), launched in 2014. He further pointed out that Taiwan is always willing to share its experiences in environmental protection, and that the IEP is a global program that particularly focuses on the Asia-Pacific region, the most rapidly developing part of the world. Thus far, more than 60 events have been organized with more than 40 countries participating. Through the IEP, Taiwan is able to collaborate with dozens of organizations in the US, Asia, and across the globe to tackle the environmental and public health challenges that affect children’s health. 

As the world becomes more concerned with environmental issues, Vice President Chen emphasized that in addition to actively improving domestic environments, Taiwan would like to contribute to the world by providing solutions to regional problems and improving the quality of regional environments. Taiwan would love to share its experiences in environmental protection and looks forward to strengthening collaboration on environmental law enforcement with Southeast Asian countries so that the environment will be protected while economies develop. He gave thanks to all the guests for attending the events and expressed hope that environmental professionals will contribute to a healthy environment for the next generation. 

Acting Assistant Administrator of the USEPA, Jane Nishida, expressed gratitude to Vice President Chen, Deputy Director of the AIT Robert Forden, EPA Minister Ying-Yuan Lee, and the Taiwan government for their efforts in successfully carrying out the IEP and hosting the events. Without the hard work of these parties, international cooperation such as the IEP would not have been possible. She particularly thanked the environmental scholars and professionals who travelled from various countries and said the world needs their work for a better living environment and to safeguard the health of children. 

In his remarks, Minister Lee stated that with environmental protection technology as the theme of the Exhibition and the Annual Conference of the Chinese Institute of Environmental Engineering, the event demonstrated achievements in a circular economy, clean air, plastic-free ocean and caring for Earth. Through the exhibition of advanced technologies and products, the high level of Taiwan’s environmental technology that are the fruit of collaboration of government, academia and industry were fully displayed.

Minister Lee further pointed out many advanced technologies showcased in the exhibition, such as an air quality monitoring vehicle, water sampling technology for dioxin testing, bio-screen tests, and a time lapse capsule for heavy metal monitoring that uses ion exchange resins. These advanced technologies not only help safeguard public health in the areas of air, ocean, and farmland, but also add impetus to Taiwan’s efforts in establishing hotspots for a circular economy.

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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