Waste Glass Bottle Recycling Improves Continuously


With the EPA’s promotion of resource recycling over the last decade, waste glass bottles have been put to much broader reuse, for example as a component in tiles for paving roads, or being reprocessed into brightly colored glaze as a building material. Moreover, some artists use waste glass bottles as materials for their artwork. Some of them integrate local culture to make decorative products, paperweights or wall lamps. In addition, through the skillful hands of professional craftsmen, paintings can be replicated and installed on walls for permanent preservation by the use of colored glass, thus making the reuse of waste glass bottles practical, artistic, and full of innovative value.

EPA statistics show that waste glass bottle recycling has improved year by year. Over the last two years the amount of recycled glass bottles reached 227,000 tons, which is 4.2 times the 54,000 tons recycled in 1999. The EPA points out that – after sorting by types and colors, removal of non-glass materials, crushing and washing – waste glass bottles can be made into a resource material for continued use. Therefore, waste glass bottle recycling not only decreases the need for raw materials, it also creates a green circular economy characterized by a more sustainable consumption of environmental resources.

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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