Draft for the Scopes for New or Modified Greenhouse Gas Emission Sources Preannounced


Based on the experience of jurisdictions that have implemented emission caps such as the EU, South Korea, and Australia, 25,000 metric tons of CO2e per year is the typical standard for an enterprise to be listed under a cap scheme for greenhouse gas emissions. To formulate these draft regulations, the EPA used this same standard and integrated it with Taiwan’s current regulatory system (with standard limitations for emission inspections and fixed conditions for applying for modifying allocation permits). Two paragraphs deal with setting the new factory threshold at 25,000 metric tons of CO2e. Existing factories will be listed when modified production processes lead to emissions increasing by 20% and reaching 25,000 metric tons of CO2e. The regulations also specify the procedure for calculating annual emissions. The EPA reminds prospective enterprises to comply and implement the best available technologies to reduce emissions as early as possible, as a way of preparing for the future management of their greenhouse gases.

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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