Incineration Plant Evaluation Results Made Public


The 2015 incineration plant evaluation results have been made public, for which an award ceremony was held on 21 September 2016. Minister Ying-Yuan Lee of the EPA personally conferred the awards upon the winners, including two Excellence Awards, six Outstanding Awards, and three Special Awards.

Through supervising, random inspection and annual operational performance evaluations of incineration plants and their annual reports, the EPA has come up with an overall assessment of their performance in 2015. An award ceremony was held on 21 September 2016, with Minister Ying-Yuan Lee personally conferring awards upon the winners. The Excellence Awards were won by the Lucao Plant of Chiayi County and the Miaoli County Plant; the Outstanding Awards were given to six plants, including the Keelung City Plant, the Chiayi City Plant, the Houli Plant of Taichung City, and the Hsintien and Bali Plants in New Taipei City. In addition, the Letzer Plant of Yilan County, the Hsinchu City Plant, and the Renwu Plant of Kaohsiung City were conferred Special Awards for their meritorious performance.

In addition to properly handling 4.3 million tons of household waste each year, the 24 waste incineration plants nationwide can also assist in the treatment of 2.3 million tons of general industrial waste. To supervise the operation and maintenance of these incineration plants as well as to enhance their operational efficiency, the EPA has been conducting annual counseling and evaluation of the incineration plants since 2001. The evaluation was gradually transformed from technical coaching to inspection and evaluation. Through the internal management of the incineration plants and the local environmental bureaus as well as the EPA's external inspections, a comprehensive inspection and review system has been established to ensure that all the plants pay high attention to maintenance and management, while enhancing the operation and pollution control technology.

As a result, even though 18 of these 24 incineration plants have been in operation for more than 15 years, they still perform well. According to the EPA, at the time when these plants were first built, the government introduced foreign technologies and now these technologies have become well established in Taiwan. Particularly worth mentioning is the fact that domestic enterprises with their excellent technology have successively participated in bidding internationally to construct or operate incineration plants, and they have successfully developed an international market.

In addition to incinerating waste, the incineration plants also cogenerate electricity using the heat produced from incineration. The power generation capacity of the 24 incineration plants reached 3.217 billion kWh in 2015, roughly 30 million kWh more than that of 2014. The total amount of electricity generated is sufficient to supply 900,000 households for a year, and the revenue from electricity generated reached NT$5.39 billion.

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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