Announcing Results of Environmental Agents Inspections, “Agents” from Unlicensed Online Auctions Prohibited


In order to guarantee that consumers select legal, safe and effective environmental agents, the EPA drafts the Environmental Agents Assessment Plan each year. In 2018, the EPA investigated the ads, packaging and active ingredients of environmental agents: 40,166 were examined with an approval rate of 99%.

The results of this year’s investigations included 11,224 advertisements, with 139 online advertisements determined to be illegal. The fines for which totaled NT$4,070,000. Illegal advertisements were largely comprised of individuals on e-commerce sites advertising sales of mosquito repellant patches imported from Japan. For packaging, 28,719 cases were reviewed, with 283 failing inspection. One hundred and ninety-two sample tests were conducted on the active ingredients of environmental agents, with four cases failing inspection. The investigation determined that there were 31 cases involving the forging of permits for environmental agents. Eight of said cases were determined to have persistent organic pollutants (pesticides) that were included in the Stockholm.

Excerpt from Environmental Policy Monthly, 22 (6)

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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