Subsidy Regulations Revised to Encourage Replacing Old Motorcycles


After having implemented the subsidization policy to phase out old motorcycles for more than half a year, the EPA is actively reviewing the policy on a rolling basis in response to some practical issues brought up by various sectors since the implementation, such as problems concerning the competent authorities in charge and the required application documents. To simplify the implementation and make it easier for the public to apply, the EPA has revised and announced the Regulations Concerning Old Motorcycle Replacement Subsidization (機車汰舊換新補助辦法).

The EPA noted that the original version required a subsidy application to be filed with the environmental authorities located in the district the old motorcycle is registered. However, buyers of new vehicles often let the manufacturers or dealers from whom they purchase the vehicles handle the scrappage of old vehicles and the subsidy application. Therefore, the regulations have been revised to stipulate that, from 1 September 2020, when buying new motorcycles while replacing their old ones, buyers are to apply for the subsidies at the environmental authorities of the place where the new motorcycles are registered, while buyers of electric (or power-assisted) bicycles shall apply at the environmental authorities of the place where their households are registered.

The original version also required applicants to submit photocopies of vehicle registration change (or scrappage) forms, but the revisions lifted the requirement since the registration information of the old vehicle can be found in relevant information systems. The requirement to submit photos of the new motorcycle was also lifted for buyers because the motorcycle registration documents they are required to submit already contain the relevant information. Yet for electric or power-assisted bicycles, buyers are still required to submit photos as there are no vehicle registrations for these bicycles. The revisions also added that they can submit documents with an embossed image of the serial number on the bicycle frame instead of the photos since it is sometimes difficult to photograph these numbers on certain models. And the requirement of submitting the invoice receipts has been changed to submitting the photocopies of the invoices to cut down administrative costs.

The EPA emphasized that the revisions are expected to simplify implementation, make subsidy application easier for the public, and eventually motivate more people to replace their old motorcycles. The public is also reminded that the subsidies will be lowered year by year. The early-bird subsidies of up to NT$5,000 are only available until the end of this year and will drop to NT$3,000 next year. Therefore, the public is encouraged to replace their old motorcycles as soon as possible, as doing so not only helps to reduce air pollution, but also allows them to get a higher subsidy.

Excerpt from Environmental Policy Monthly, 23 (9)

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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