Students Invited to Participate in 2022 Air Quality Knowledge Action and Innovation Competition


Echoing the theme for Earth Day, Invest in Our Planet, the EPA launched the Invest in Clean Air. All In! event on 22 April 2022, soliciting projects for the 2022 Air Quality Knowledge, Action and Innovation Competition. A total of NT$300,000 in prizes will be awarded to the high school and college student teams with the best innovative projects to improve air quality. Students are encouraged to participate and work in teams with a fresh perspective and propose new ideas and innovations regarding air quality policies. The deadline for submission of projects is 3 July 2022.

High school and college students are invited to participate in this year's competition in teams of two to five members. The main theme of the competition continues to focus on the seven major aspects of daily life: food, clothing, housing, transportation, education, recreation and folk culture. The competition also echoes the international declaration and action for Net-Zero Emissions by 2050 by soliciting ideas on ways to reduce air pollutants and greenhouse gases.

The EPA said this was the third year the competition has been organized. Last year nearly 50 teams comprising a total of over 170 high school and college students participated. There were cross-disciplinary and cross-school teams formed that brought more diverse and fruitful results to the competition, including song creation, board games, lesson plans to promote air quality knowledge and policy, promotion of green campuses, environmental travel route planning, APP designs, promotion of eco-friendly temples with VR technology and ecological joss paper, and research and development of air-purifying clothing and eco-friendly composite materials.

Investing in good air is investing in our planet and everyone is capable of echoing support for Earth Day. The 2022 Air Quality Knowledge, Action and Innovation Competition is in need of the active and enthusiastic participation of fresh troops. Please go to the website for more information on the Invest in Clean Air. All In! competition and relevant events.

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, May 2022

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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