Penalties for Transportation Vehicles Violating Air Pollution Control Act Revised


In accordance to the Air Pollution Control Act revised and announced on 1 August 2018, the EPA has combined the fines and authorization regulations into Article 85 of the Act. After reviewing Regulations for Fines for Transportation Vehicles Violating the Air Pollution Control Act, Standards for Fines for Transportation Vehicles that Violate Emission Limits, and Standards for Fines for Motor Vehicles Violating Idling Management Regulations, the EPA has amended and merged these three regulations into the first regulations and abolished the latter two.
The main points of the revised fines are as follows:

1.    In line with the revision of Article 86 of the Air Pollution Control Act that illegal gains from violating the mandatory obligations stipulated in the Act can be confiscated, the competent authorities are authorized to formulate the gain assessment methods, and confiscation can be done through administrative actions. Relevant provisions have been removed from the regulations. 
2.    Added fine fees for trains emitting air pollutants exceeding emission standards.
3.    Added fine fees for vessels that utilize fuel which contains ingredients exceeding content standards.
4.    In accordance to Article 80 paragraphs 1 and 3 of the Air Pollution Control Act, the fines for vehicles that have not had a regular exhaust inspection by the deadline is now NT$500. There are also additional fines for those who have not had a vehicle exhaust inspection six months after the deadline, as well as for those who do not go for a re-inspection as required or who do not pass a re-inspection. 

Excerpt from Environmental Policy Monthly, 22 (9)

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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