Amendments to Permit Management Regulations for Public and Private Waste Clearance and Disposal Preannounced


To promote resource recycling and reuse, waste is allowed to be made into products as long as the disposal organization obtains a waste disposal permit with the standards, usage, and flow of the recycled product labelled on it. Therefore, to reduce the concern of reusing waste and to ensure recycled products are manufactured properly, the EPA has reinforced the regulations on the reporting of flow records of recycled products through these amendments.

To prevent negative competition in the charge of the service between disposal/clearance organizations, an addendum was also made to the Regulations that stipulates disposal/clearance organizations shall publish information on the fees for their service and Governing Industrial Waste Clearance and Disposal Plans, Plan Formats and Items to be Stated. By reorganizing and clarifying the related regulations on the disposal plan, the EPA aims to maintain consistency of the review process and reinforce the management of industrial waste. Now that the regulations are more organized and easier to understand, the EPA expects that future disposal, clearance, or reuse of waste will be done legally in accordance with the approved disposal plan. other related details for the commissioning parties' convenience.

The Regulations have been amended three times since first promulgated in 2001. To strengthen the management of recycled products put out by disposal organizations and to stabilize the market prices of waste disposal service, the EPA has amended the Regulations to better adapt to the current society. The main points of the amendments are as follows:

1) Application for the establishment approval documents for disposal organizations shall now also submit the following documents: cost analysis for the establishment and the operation plan. The requirements for installing surveillance system have also been revised.

2) Regulations on the monitoring records of the derivative wastes produced by disposing hazardous industrial waste have been added. Those applying for the issuance or extension of a disposal permit shall now also submit a quality management plan for both the waste accepted and produced and an operation management plan.

3) The validity period for the first permit has been updated and the timing to apply and review the permit extension has been revised. According to the amendments, the expiration date of the permit will still take effect even if the issuing authority has not made a decision by then. Those applying for an extension should conduct operational tests on the waste disposal equipment.

4) Those applying for an extension of clearance or disposal permits shall submit the proof of being a local union member. plastic products has gained international affirmation. For example with plastic straws, the EPA published a draft regulation online that would restrict government departments, public/private schools, department stores and shopping centers from using singleuse plastic straws for individuals drinking at those locations. Through multiple strategies like regular communication and promoting waste prevention, the seas around Taiwan will have less plastic waste and become even more beautiful. The EPA noted that this year coincides with the 20th anniversary of the establishment of The Most Beautiful Bays in the World. This year’s congress will be held in Penghu in September, and provide the county with the opportunity to welcome visitors

5) Disposal organizations shall preserve and report their operating records based on their quality management plan for both the waste accepted and produced and their operation management plan. The disposal organizations shall also provide surveillance video for the inspections by the competent authority or enforcement authority.

6) Clearance/disposal organizations shall publish information on the fees of their service and shall not charge more than the published fees.

7) An addition to the required measures to be taken when the disposal organizations that are approved to operate produce recycled goods.

8) If the permit of a clearance/disposal organization is canceled or revoked, the organization may not use the same/similar organization name or use the same VAT number to apply for the permit again within the next five years.

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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