2018 Green Vehicles Announced


The environmentally friendly vehicle models of 2018 were selected from a total of 248 conventional gasoline cars, 26 hybrid cars, and 97 conventional motorcycles. The selected green vehicles include two conventional gasoline cars (Honda CITY 1.5 V 1497c. c. CVT 4D and Honda FIT 1.5 S 1497c.c. CVT 5D), eight hybrid cars (e.g., TOYOTA PRIUS PHV 1798c. c. CVT 5D HYBRID), and 13 scooters (e.g., Kymco MANY 110 SE22BK 111.7c.c. CVT). Complete information on the selected vehicles is posted on the website of the Green Vehicle Guide (https://greencar. epa.gov.tw/). The EPA encourages the public to use the website before making purchases and contribute to air quality improvement by selecting a vehicle that is less polluting, noise-free and energy-efficient.

The green vehicle selection of 2018 was conducted by assessing and ranking the performance of all the cars/scooters sold in 2017 with a chart comprising three environmental indicators: air pollution emissions, noise, and fuel consumption. To be selected, a model must reach a score of 6 in each domain, with a total score no less than 21.

Among the 1,324,463 new vehicles (936,500 motorcycles and 387,963 cars) sold in 2017, 333,126 of them (320,925 motorcycles and 12,201 cars) were green vehicles and accounted for a quarter of the total sales. In other words, for every four new cars/scooters sold in Taiwan last year, one was environmentally friendly. Since the Green Vehicle Guide website was established in 2014, sales for green vehicles had risen from 21% to 25% in 2017. The increase in sales throughout the years shows that people in Taiwan are becoming more aware of the importance of green vehicles.

As environmental awareness rises, most car manufactures endeavor to design their cars to be as environmentally friendly as possible, in coordination with environmental policies. The green car selection of the year includes hybrid cars with engine capacity of either 1,600 c.c. or 2,400 c.c., and also conventional gasoline cars with an engine capacity of 1,500 c.c. The result of the selection indicates that hybrids tend to be more energy-efficient compared to gasoline cars. Furthermore, the result also shows that gasoline cars that have an engine capacity of 1,500 c.c. are relatively more eco-friendly than those with other engine sizes. As for conventional motorcycles, different vehicles with engine capacity ranging from 100 c.c. to 250 c.c. were selected, which demonstrate the fact that even heavy bikes can reach the standards of green vehicles.

The EPA urges everyone to take advantage of the Green Vehicle Guide website (https://greencar.epa. gov.tw/webpage/carsearch.aspx), in order to make informed and environmentally-friendly purchases. Another alternative the EPA suggested to help with air quality protection is to take public transportation.

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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