Water quality protection


(1) The Taichung City Lyu-Chuan Canal Improvement Plan was officially completed on 14 April. EPA Deputy Minister Hung-Teh Tsai and Mayor Shiow-Yen Lu were on hand to witness the opening of the area. Taichung City Government implemented the Plan with a NT$34.6-million budget approved by the EPA, aiming to restore the canal to its former glory by improving the deteriorating environment caused by economic development. All household wastewater generated from both shores between Shin-Yi South Street and Da-Ming Road (a 2.4-kilometer-long section of the canal) is now intercepted, with some of the wastewater going to Fu-Tien Water Resources Recycling Center. The rest goes downstream to the gravel contact aeration disposal facilities in Han-Xi Water Park, whose daily capacity of household wastewater treatment reaches 12,000 metric tons. Treated water is then sent back to the canal. Not only so, but pedestrian areas and public facilities on both sides of the canal also went through a makeover to provide the public with easy access to a high quality water environment.

(2) Sheng-Chung Wu, Director General of the EPA’s Department of Water Quality Protection, and Pingtung County Commissioner Men-An Pan were on site for the opening of Fu-Shing Park, the result of the Wannian Stream Riverbank Environment Improvement Plan. The 2.7-hectare park went through a renovation based on urban flood detention, water purification, riverbank ecosystems, and environmental education. The park, whose green space is interspersed along the waterway, can now be accessed by visitors who can enjoy closer interaction with nature. It also helps facilitate development in the surrounding areas and enhance residents’ living quality.

(3) The EPA went to Erlin, Chunghua on 30 April and jointly promoted centralized disposal of livestock excrement with the town’s mayor, as well as visited Brother Livestock Farm. The trip led to cooperation between the EPA and Erlin Town Hall after the EPA explained the government's available subsidies and resources and assisted the progress of the promotion. In addition, Brother Livestock Farm has applied to use biogas slurry to irrigate 1.1 hectares of farmland. As there is still room to expand its irrigation size, the EPA discussed with the farm on opportunities to increase resource utilization.

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, Apr 2021

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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