Measures Adopted to Ensure Occupational Safety for Cleaning Crews


Since 2019, the EPA has been subsidizing local governments to enhance safety in cleaning crews’ work environments by improving their gear and equipment in five areas. They include providing convenient, multi-functional, and easy-to-wear work clothes, installing showers and washing facilities for crew members to clean up after work, purchasing protection gear such as puncture-proof gloves and safety boots, upgrading garbage trucks, recycling vehicles and other machines to achieve better air quality, and providing a safe work environment as well as comfortable resting areas. For the last item, NT$5 billion in total has been appropriated to improve the overall work environment in stages within four years.

Additionally, the EPA endeavors to raise cleaning crews’ awareness of occupational safety and supervise local governments by providing necessary education and training. It hopes to ensure that cleaning crews work in a safe manner and occupational accidents are prevented. A meeting used to be held by the EPA every three months for national and regional labor unions of cleaning crews to exchange ideas on issues such as occupational safety and sanitation. Then a set of guidelines was promulgated on 4 June 2020, allowing the central government to establish the Cleaning Crew Occupational Safety and Sanitation Promotion Team, through which the EPA is able to safeguard the cleaning crews by assisting local environmental authorities to properly implement occupational safety and sanitation regulations.

Excerpt from Environmental Policy Monthly, 23 (7)

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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