Amendments to Penalties for Water Pollution Control Act Violations Preannounced


The EPA revised the assessment point system as well as the calculation method to determine fines in order to address concerns of the competent authorities regarding criteria for enforcing the Water Pollution Control Act (水污染防制法). The regulatory revisions were also needed due to considerable revisions made to the Act in recent years. The EPA provided clear regulations for determining types of violations and the assessment point system. In addition, the EPA re-examined and revised current fines for enterprises working with the livestock industry, public sewerage systems, and those not under the control of the Act.

Currently, such fines and enforcement measures are too lenient and inadequately deter illegal acts. These revisions will strengthen the enforcement of the Water Pollution Control Act, punish violators more severely, and help protect the water quality of rivers and surface water bodies.

The main points of the amendments are as follows:

1. Adding more types of violations and assessment points.

2. Revising types of violations as well as penalties for the scale of construction sites and for not abiding to relevant regulations regarding wastewater run-off.

3. Revising the method for determining the number of days an enterprise is overdue to pay water pollution control fees.

4. Revising the method for determining the number of days for which enterprises with obligations to report fail to do so, or the number of days that a report is overdue for enterprises that are given a deadline upon receiving a notification.

5. Revising disciplinary measures for livestock industry, public sewerage systems, and industries not listed in the Water Pollution Control Act.

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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