Indoor Air Quality Self-management Label to Be Launched in June


The public was concerned about whether small and medium-sized premises such as kindergartens, postpartum nursing centers, childcare centers, long-term care institutions will be included in the third batch of announced indoor air quality management premises and how they should be managed. In response, the EPA held a press conference on 13 April 2021 regarding the progress of indoor air quality self-management promotion and explained to the public that the announcement of the third batch premises would be postponed. Instead, a “self-management” labeling system was to be adopted to encourage these premises to improve their indoor air quality. 

The label will be launched in June this year, and will comprise two levels: excellent and qualified. Premises that are rated “excellent” will be awarded with extra points for evaluation, have their testing frequency lengthened and testing points halved, in addition to being publicly recognized and honored.   

To improve indoor air quality and safeguard citizens’ health, Taiwan is the second country in the world that has legislated a law to govern indoor air quality. The EPA adopted a gradual control approach, announcing that the first and second batches of premises would be regulated in 2014 and 2017, respectively. Premises that are frequently used by the public or attract large crowds such as train stations, libraries, stadiums, and hypermarkets were gradually regulated. More than 1,500 premises comprising 16 categories are now regulated, accounting for more than 80% of large premises in Taiwan.      

In July 2010, the EPA started to review indoor air quality management operations, and simultaneously conducted research and analysis on the third batch of premises which consisted of small and medium-sized premises to be regulated as well as the promotion of a self-management labeling system. It also held several meetings to gather public opinions. Then on 11 Dec 2010, the EPA preannounced the draft of the regulations governing the third batch of premises that must comply with the Indoor Air Quality Act. In this draft, kindergartens with over 200 students, postpartum nursing centers with more than 20 beds and infant care centers hosting more than 35 infants were to be regulated. Approximately 2,200 premises in total would be affected.

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, May 2021

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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