Fifteen Towns and Cities Receive Subsidies to Create Eco-friendly Living Environments


The EPA has a four-year plan spanning 2015-2018 to provide subsidies to 60 town and city districts around Taiwan, in order to assist them in creating eco-friendly living environments. The selections for 2017 were announced on 3 August 2016, with 15 town and city districts selected for subsidies of NT$4~20 million to create high-quality eco-friendly living environments with local characteristics. Of the 15 districts selected, five of them were graded as “Outstanding”: Tamshui District in New Taipei City; Wufeng District in Taichung City; Douliu City in Yunlin County; Beimen District in Tainan City; and Chihshang Township in Taitung County. Another ten districts were graded as “Excellent.” All of the selected districts have local characteristics incorporated in their proposals. For example, the aesthetic combination of environmentalism, arts, cultural heritage and tourism resources of Tamshui District, and the infrastructure building in Beimen District that connects five major tourism sites by electric bicycles both received high scores. In addition, all of the selected districts for the 2017 subsidies came up with creative ways of integrating local features into their neighborhood improvement plans and also demonstrated superior volunteer mobilizing capacities. With the urging of the EPA, 19 cities/counties and 31 townships/districts submitted proposals for the subsidies. The competition was fierce, with all contestants trying their utmost to gain a favorable assessment from the selection committee. The detailed and well-planned proposals and the mobilization of local resources showed that the applicants took the bidding very seriously. The final winners were chosen for their capability to mobilize local volunteers, their themes for infrastructure construction, and their visions.

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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