Disposal of Food Waste as Pigswill Suspended to Prevent Spread of African Swine Flu


On 30 August, the Central Emergency Operation Center for African swine flu announced a temporary ban on food waste entering pig farms: from 1 to 30 September, pig farms shall not use food waste as pigswill. To make sure domestic food waste clearance and disposal operations are not affected by the ban, the EPA preemptively held meetings every day (including holidays) from 26 August with the environmental bureaus of 22 counties and cities to discuss how to improve food waste disposal response measures to ensure regular people, restaurants, government agencies, food waste clearance enterprises and pig farms using food waste as pigswill are minimally affected.     

The EPA stated that counties and cities collect food waste via methods adjusted according to local conditions. People are requested to dispose of their food waste according to the methods prescribed by the counties or cities they live in. Restaurants, government agencies, schools, hotels, and community complexes are requested to hand over food waste to the initially commissioned pig farms or food waste clearance enterprises, transporting it to designated locations for free processing. Suppose any pig farms no longer help with the clearance. In that case, people are urged to contact the offices designated by counties and cities to have cleaning squads assist with or commission legal clearance enterprises for the clearance. All environmental agencies will mobilize and do their best to assist with food waste clearance and disposal.    

If relevant entities have questions concerning food waste clearance and disposal, they are welcome to contact the designated line set up by environmental agencies that provide consultation services for people, clearance enterprises, and food waste generating sources, or they can visit the EPA’s website https://wcds.epa.gov.tw and search for the lists of legal clearance enterprises.

In response to the change in food waste disposal method, regulated enterprises that shall report their waste flow online under Article 31 of the Waste Disposal Act are exempt from reporting on food waste as of 30 August. The reporting shall be done instead by food waste clearance enterprises through paper documents. The reporting mechanism is thus streamlined since regulated enterprises now only need to confirm with signatures and seals.  

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, September 2021

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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