Earth Day Event Focused on Carbon and Plastic Reduction


While the world celebrated the 51st anniversary of Earth Day in 2021, excessive carbon emission and waste caused by humans’ overproduction and consumption is still suffocating the Earth. In the last year, the demand for single-use products also surged due to the impact of Covid-19. To echo the theme of Earth Day 2021, “Restore Our Earth,” the EPA held a press conference on “Waste Reduction, Carbon Reduction, and Green Living for Everyone: Plastic Source Reduction and Recycling”, and invited the American Institute in Taiwan to participate. 

Taking care of the Earth is the responsibility of every citizen in the world. Everybody is duty-bound to protect the Earth’s environment. All countries are urged to work together to cool down the planet and give the planet a breather by confronting the global warming crisis and taking actions to mitigate climate change. Due to the impact of Covid-19, people’s consumption behavior has changed, and the demand for online shopping, food delivery and takeout has surged, resulting in rapid growth of single-use products. In particular, plastic waste has a huge impact on the ecology and the ocean; the EPA is therefore urging "plastic source reduction".

A creative road running (walking) event was organized during the press conference to promote “C” and “R”. C stands for cycle and circular and R for restore, reduction, reuse, recycle, recovery and redesign. The event was to encourage enterprises, organizations, and the public to take actions together to accelerate plastic source reduction and recycling. It was broadcast live online and netizens were allowed to interact online. 

Representatives from environmental enterprises and organizations attended the event to echo “Waste Reduction, Carbon Reduction, and Green Living for All”. They also set up booths to showcase the achievements of implementing plastic source reduction and recycling.   

McDonald’s restaurant replaced all their tableware with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)-certified sustainable paper containers and phased out plastic McFlurry cup lids. The measure can reduce nearly 32 metric tons of plastic waste per year. Momo Shop launched the second wave of “reusable bags” for online shopping on 19 April 2021 in conjunction with post offices. Users can drop the bags off in designated mailboxes or i-boxes after using to recycle them. The website BuyDirectlyFromFarmers also launched “reusable boxes”. Foodpanda launched a trial environment-friendly delivery service in November last year. The service resumed on April 22 this year in Tainan City. ECOCO has set up smart recycling stations. Da Fon Environmental Technologies has obtained a number of certifications in plastic recycling and material application, and is committed to the development of resource recycling. Mangodan features 100% recycled plastic PC and PS reusable display cabinets. ChingPiao offers reusable cup rental services.

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, May 2021

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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