Twenty-seven Enterprises and Ten Environmental Protection Personnel Receive Awards


On 30 October 2017, the EPA held the ceremony for the 26th Enterprises Environmental Protection Award, the highest honor enterprises can receive for environmental protection. The EPA presented awards to 27 enterprises, among which the Fab8A factory of the United Microelectronic Corporation (UMC) received a Gold Award for the third consecutive year. The ceremony also saw awards presented to ten dedicated environmental protection personnel and technicians for their commitment and devotion to their work.

The Enterprises Environmental Protection Award has been given since 1992 as a way to commend enterprises’ efforts in environmental protection. Over the award’s 26-year history, 376 industries have received awards, among which 46 have been awarded for three consecutive years. In its early stages, enterprises receiving the award included conventional industries and petrochemical industries. Now the award is given to enterprises in a wide range of industries, such as the semiconductor, medicinal, educational, financial, and specialized and technical services industries. The award has evolved from focusing on pollution prevention and end-of-pipe treatment to the promotion of a circular economy.

Twenty-seven enterprises received this year’s award. One recipient, UMC’s Fab8A factory, reduced its usage and improved its management of toxic chemical substances. It also established a comprehensive toxic accident response system and designed internal Green Innovation Awards to encourage employees to bring up proposals and take on innovative research. Externally, UMC created a Green Award, and the “Eco-echo Conservation Hope Project,” which was initiated using profits from carbon trading. These steps were taken to protect environmental biodiversity and species conservation – and foster a long-term love for ecosystem health.

Another recipient, Kuang Tien General Hospital, replaced high energy-consuming equipment and light bulbs. It also improved lighting management to achieve energy savings along with other carbon reduction measures. In terms of waste, the hospital took a further step by reducing single-use disposables. In addition, it began to provide bags of supplies for patients admitted into the hospital, including a cup, a toothbrush, and slippers, and multiple use of the products were encouraged. The hospital took further steps by setting goals for waste reduction contests and regular incentives.

Also during the ceremony, Minister Lee presented awards to ten individuals for their outstanding performance as dedicated environmental protection personnel and technicians. These recipients were all from the first line of staff that does hands-on
work, and all had demonstrated high achievement through their commitment and approaches. Further information on award recipients is available on the EPA website (https://aeepa/epa.gov.tw).

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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