Revisions to the Regulations Governing Management of Industrial Waste Reuse Preannounced


To improve management of waste reuse and ensure the entire recycling process is tracked, the EPA is planning to revise the relevant regulations so that products produced by recycling facilities are classified into those for direct use and those requiring specific intermediates to undergo processing before they can be used. Since specific intermediates are considered industrial waste regulated by the Waste Disposal Act, they shall be transported to reprocessing facilities by vehicles equipped with GPS and shall be tracked all the way to end-users. In addition, the quality and purpose of all categories of reuse products will be specified. 

One focus of public concern is whether or not aggregate-type intermediate products produced from industrial waste from recycling facilities, which need to be further processed before they can be used by end-users, can be properly reused to make end products. To meet public expectations, the EPA conducted a comprehensive review of the flow management and whole-process tracking of recycled products. The EPA will also designate materials produced by recycling facilities as special intermediate components for making low-grade backfill materials, bricks, concrete aggregates and concrete Jersey barriers and curbs. The revision will also allow the intermediate products to be sold only to recycling enterprises that possess the proper processing capacity. These and other measures will more strictly regulate the quality standards and transportation methods for intermediate materials.

The revision will also add quality standards and restrict locations for reused products used for common purposes such as aggregates, industrial material feedstocks, fertilizer, animal feed, or energy sources. The revision will also enhance flow tracking and quality management of products containing reused materials. It is hoped that through cooperation with other ministries and commissions, a win-win situation for the environment and industrial development can be generated.

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, January 2022
Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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