Draft Revision Preannounced for Regulations for Management of Environmental Analysis and Testing Organizations


The EPA noted that taking and storing videos of the testing processes is able to increase the public’s trust of report data produced by environmental analysis and testing organizations. In order to implement the report evaluation mechanism as well as strengthen the accountability of laboratory directors or report signees, the EPA, in its draft revisions, newly requires the taking and storing of videos of the testing processes when organizations carry out analysis and testing operations.

1. Regulations requiring videos of testing processes to be taken and stored are added.

2. Penalty clauses regarding regulations of taking and storing videos of testing processes are added.

3. Regulations are added that laboratory directors or report signees, who already signed the report of the same tested items but failed to properly evaluate the results twice within a year accordingly, are not to sign any reports of relevant testing items for a year.

4. As filming the testing processes will largely alter the current testing and management practice and affect testing organizations and enterprises, revised regulations will take effect six months after its announcement in order to allow time for equipment preparation and staff training.

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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