President Announces Amended Air Pollution Control Act


The EPA pointed out the amendment's five focuses, which are :

  • Addition of the good neighbor provision (regional competent authorities collaborate with neighboring county/city governments to map out air pollution control plans in accordance with the control plan set by the central authority)
  • Addition of a double-control mechanism covering pollution sources at factories and ends-of-pipes (emission standards are to include hazardous air pollutants, and assessments need to be conducted for health risks; factory-use fuels and components of chemical products containing volatile organic compounds should also be within limits)
  • More mobile source control measures (regional competent authorities are authorized to designate air quality protection zones; emission standards for vehicles over 10 years old are tightened for better controls on highly-polluting vehicles; control targets are widened with construction equipment newly added)
  • Heavier penalties and lower minimum fine limits (penalties for death caused by pollution have the maximum of a life sentence, with upper limits of criminal fines and administrative fines raised to NT$30 million and NT$20 million respectively; minimum fines are lowered for motorcycles and vehicles failing regular inspections, as well as for open-air burning)
  • Recovery of illegal gains and the whistleblower clause are added while rewards are offered for reporting unlawful activities to encourage reporting of violations. Factories are required to disclose information on pollution emissions for public oversight.

The revision has comprehensively strengthened the Act, from capacities for management and prevention of pollution at source (air quality improvement planning and at-source controls), to end-of-pipe treatment, to emergency response.

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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