The EPA Coordinates Garbage Disposal as Incinerators Undergo Maintenance


Half of the 24 incinerators in Taiwan will one by one enter a period of major maintenance over the next five years. In addition to coordinating regional garbage disposal, the EPA will continue to actively assist local governments to strengthen temporary garbage storage and other temporary placement measures, and install their own disposal facilities. The purpose is to compensate for the deficiency in garbage disposal capacity during the maintenance period of each incinerator.

The EPA noted that with reduced garbage disposal capacity during incinerator maintenance periods, proper temporary garbage storage will be necessary to prevent it from scattering. All counties and cities are currently carrying out temporary garbage packing and storing the packed garbage temporarily in legal landfills. Proper packing can therefore reduce the space the garbage occupies while lowering the risk of environmental pollution. At the same time, the sorting step prior to the packing can also be used to separate high-heating-value (HHV) materials, which can be used directly as auxiliary fuels.

Under the EPA’s recently launched Diversified Garbage Disposal Plan (多元化垃圾處理計畫) launched, the eight counties with no garbage disposal capacity have gradually begun to plan construction of their own disposal facilities, which are expected to be finished within two to three years. These ongoing projects include gasification and high-performance disposal facilities on offshore islands, the collaboration of Hualien County with Taiwan Cement Cooperation to use its cement kilns, high-performance disposal parks planned by Hsinchu County, and Nantou County’s green energy park project. Additionally, the Taitung County Government has decided to relaunch the Taitung Incinerator, which has been idle for years, and is currently going through restart procedures.

The EPA stated that it has proposed to the Executive Yuan to revise the Diversified Garbage Disposal Plan. It will further invest NT$1 billion to assist local governments to alleviate the piling up of garbage and expand landfill capacities. The EPA also urged everyone to work together during this difficult time to reduce incinerator loads by strengthening waste recycling and reduction.

Excerpt from Environmental Policy Monthly, 23 (6)

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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