Taiwan and U.S. Work Jointly to Promote Environmental Education


This year's workshop was held at Nanmen Junior High School located in Taipei City. Kim Martinez was invited to speak about her experiences cultivating students’leadership abilities and shared practical cases with attendees. In order to establish an EcoCampus, Ms. Martinez showed teachers how to motivate students to care more about environmental issues through practical techniques and study methods.

In 2018, Taiwan formally added forestry and protection for water bodies as two new aspects of environmental education, which had already been added to the US Eco-Campus curriculum. A lecturer from the Taiwan Association for Marine Environment Education, Sheng-Chi Lin, and former DirectorGeneral of the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute of the Council of Agriculture, Hen-Biau King, spoke on these topics, providing attendees with relevant information and educational resources. They encouraged and taught attendees how to add these new environmental topics to their Eco-Campus curriculums. Attendees included representatives from Taiwan's Eco-Campuses, EPA staff and interested teachers from elementary, junior high, and senior high schools. There were around 60 attendees for this year's workshop.

It has been five years since the Taiwan EPA and the USEPA announced the creation of the US-Taiwan Eco-Campus Partnership Program. As of this year, 130 schools have been certified as a Bronze EcoCampus, 70 schools certified as a Silver EcoCampus, and three have earned the Green Flag.

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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