Four Types of LED Lights to be Recycled from January 2017


To prevent environmental pollution and ensure fair competition among responsible enterprises, the EPA announced that starting from January 2017 it will recollect straight tube, ring tube, compact, and built-in ballast type light emitting diode (LED) lighting sources. The manufacturers and importers shall bear the responsibility for the recycling of these lighting sources.

In recent years, due to the promotion of environmental protection and energy-saving, the use of LED lighting sources has greatly increased, to the point that it has gradually replaced traditional lighting sources. The LED lighting sources contain batteries, wires, circuit boards, glass, plastic, aluminum, etc. with recycling value. If not announced as recyclable items needing to undergo proper recycling and reuse processes, their existence might very well lead to subsequent environmental pollution.

At present, most lighting sources are announced as recyclable and should be recycled. Yet, in consideration of the treatment relating to various lighting sources, and the fair competition of responsible enterprises, the EPA amended the Scope of Enterprises Responsible for Recycling Commodities and their Containers. The amendments add the straight tube, ring tube, compact and built-in ballast LED lighting sources as recyclable items whose recycling related responsibilities lie with the manufacturers and importers of these products. The amendments will become effective from January 2017.

The amendments effectively expand the scope of lighting sources that should be recycled. When members of the general public have straight tube, ring tube, compact or built-in ballast type LED lighting sources that need to be recycled, they can simply hand these items to recycling trucks or recycling operators. In this way, these discarded items will enter the recycling system and thus prevent environmental pollution and contribute to the reuse of resources.

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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