Selection of Enterprises with Outstanding Performance in Resource Circulation Launched


The EPA continues to organize the Selection of Enterprises with Outstanding Performance in Resource Circulation, for which it accepted applications until 15 July 2022. Domestic enterprises that promote resource circulation are invited to participate in the selection. The winners will be publicly commended and awarded with trophies and merchandise vouchers. The value of all awards amounts to as much as NT$500,000. Selection requirements can be downloaded at

In recent years, climate change issues have attracted great attention both at home and abroad. In March 2022, the government officially announced Taiwan’s Pathway to Net-Zero Emissions and Strategies in 2050, which contains 12 key strategies. One of the key strategies is to achieve zero waste through resource circulation, which involves encouraging enterprises to design products that are easily recycled, converting waste into energy and resources, establishing resource circulation networks, investing in the research and development of resource recycling technologies, developing sustainable and circular business models, and improving resource circulation efficiencies.  

The enterprises to be selected are divided into two groups: the Circulation Group, consisting of enterprises that promote material recycling and reuse and achieve actual results, and the Innovation Group, consisting of those that incorporate creative concepts into circular services or innovative products. To explain the selection application filling-in methods, contents and rules for enterprises, the EPA will organize three online briefing meetings for the selection, and will invite previous outstanding enterprises to share their experiences. For those who wish to participate in the meetings, please register online at  

The EPA noted that the government’s active promotion of resource circulation has led industries to adopt green designs, improve resource recycling technologies and increase resource circulation efficiencies. More and more enterprises are investing in the field of resource circulation and attaining outstanding results. The EPA has compiled an e-book of enterprises that have won awards for their outstanding performance in resource circulation to share how these award-winning companies have promoted resource circulation over the years. The public is welcome to download it at


Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, June 2022

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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