Regulations Amended to Allow Unregulated Enterprises to Use Electronic Manifests


The EPA amended the Methods and Facilities Standards for the Storage, Clearance, and Disposal of Industrial Waste. The amendment applies to unregulated enterprises that previously were not required to report hazardous industrial waste electronically. These enterprises will change from traditional paper-based methods for reporting to using electronic manifests, thereby providing a more diversified channel for unregulated enterprises to report their hazardous industrial wastes. The new method not only helps to conserve energy and reduce the use of paper, but also improves management efficiency.

The EPA explained that in the past, unregulated enterprises reported hazardous industrial wastes by using laborious and time-consuming paper-based manifests. To align with the electronification of government services, this amendment added stipulations for unregulated enterprises regarding electronic manifests and other procedures related to reporting hazardous industrial wastes. If the online manifest procedures introduced in this amendment are adopted, enterprises will be able to digitally store and review reported manifests, reducing energy and paper use. In addition, reporting times will be shortened, while competent authorities can also search manifests online, increasing overall management efficiency.

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, March 2022
Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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