Shipping Manifest Reporting Made Easier with User-friendly Tools


Regulated enterprises are required to report online the amount and flow of waste they produce to environmental bureaus. To increase the efficiency of industrial waste manifest reporting operations, since 2019 the EPA has worked with enterprises to provide four user-friendly reporting tools that now benefit more than 40,000 regulated enterprises.  

After listening to the needs of enterprises, the EPA conducted reviews of the problems associated with previous reporting mechanisms, such as difficulties in managing and keeping paper manifests, time-consuming and error-prone manual reporting, and duplication with management systems of large enterprises. It then provided four user-friendly reporting tools, including:

  1. An electronic manifest APP. The real-time transmission makes management easier for enterprises. 
  2. A batch manifest submission service that resolves the trouble of enterprises needing to report manifests one by one.
  3. Interface programs were developed to integrate the industrial waste reporting system with the industries’ own systems. The enterprises can use the interface program to report if they have established their own waste management systems.
  4. Reporting modules formed by using historical templates or templates created by enterprises that were well rated when they were launched.

According to the EPA, these four optimizing measures are suitable for different types of enterprises. The electronic manifest APP can transmit information back in real-time, batch manifest submission saves enterprises from typing information repeatedly, interface programs are mainly used to integrate the reporting system with large-scale enterprises’ own waste management systems, while manifest modules are more helpful for small-scale enterprises with fewer waste items or more fixed waste types. Regulated enterprises can choose a reporting mode that suits their needs.     

Taking a large-scale tech company as an example, integrating its own management system with the EPA’s innovative function has saved 90% of the time required to fill out manifests in reporting data and clearance dispatch information, and simultaneously reduced errors caused by manual filling. Using the manifest APP after clearances has also saved 90% of the time spent for manifest filing. This big company expressed that the streamlined reporting procedure has made waste flow management more time-efficient, accurate and environmentally-friendly, and helped it become a responsible purchaser in the supply chain. In addition, regulated enterprises adopting user-friendly reporting tools are expected to save six million paper manifests every year in the future.   

The EPA’s promotion of user-friendly reporting services has effectively raised reporting efficiency. Since September 2019, enterprises that use the shipping manifest APP have reported more than 20,000 manifests through electronic manifests. According to the feedback of the 40 enterprises that used batch reporting, reporting efficiency was increased approximately 80%, and the reporting error rate dropped to 0.1%. In addition, 65 enterprises have adopted the automated interface method for reporting. A total of near 150,000 manifests have been reported through combined batch reporting and interface reporting methods. Enterprises are encouraged to participate and use the dedicated information line, 0800-059777, if they are interested to know more about user-friendly reporting tools. Specialists will be at their service (Industrial Waste Report and Management System    

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, September 2021

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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