Rewards for Green Point Members for Bringing Own Cups Continued


Recently, the EPA organized the “Bring your reusable cup and redeem points for designated drinks” event, which was enthusiastically received by Green Point members. On the first day of launch, all the designated drinks were redeemed, reflecting the public’s strong support for the policy of green consumption and bringing one’s own cup. The EPA then decided to continue to promote the event and increase the number of drinks available for redemption to 6,000 per day in an attempt to encourage more people to adopt green lifestyles.

To mark World Consumer Rights Day, the EPA launched a week-long “Bring your own cup and redeem points for designated drinks for free” event for Green Point members from March 15 to 21. The 3,000 cups of drinks available per day for redemption, the originally planned quota, were totally redeemed with green points on the first day of the event. To thank the public for such a strong support for the environmental event, the EPA decided to continue to reward Green Point members for bringing their own cups and increase the quota to 6,000 cups of drinks per day. Green Point App members could go to the app’s participating retailers with their own reusable cups and redeem green points for designated drinks (made on-site only). An equivalent amount of green points will be rewarded to members after the event.    

If a new member participated in the event with a referrals code, both the new member and the person who did the referral would acquire 2,000 points. Participants could also get green points by purchasing “green products,” getting one point for every NT dollar spent. The higher-than-before quantity of drinks redeemed on the first day of the event showed the increasing public support for “bringing one’s own cup.”

Excerpt from Major Environmental Policies, April 2022

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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