Amendments to Pest Control Operators Management Regulations Preannounced


The EPA has preannounced draft amendments to the Pest Control Operators Management Regulations. The amendments aim to: enhance the training of personnel who apply environmental agents in the pest control industry; make the quality of service more professional; and, ensure the safe application of environmental agents. To further improve the professionalism of pest control operators and personnel who apply environmental agents, and to enhance the safe use of environmental agents as well as strengthen the safety management of pest control operators, the EPA transferred responsibility for the refreshment training of environmental agent application personnel to the central competent authority, so as to ease public concerns about the spraying of environmental agents. Other amendments stipulate that: the training records of environmental agent application personnel shall be transmitted online; operation plans shall be reported to local competent authorities for future reference; operation records shall be reported every month; and, personnel at the pest control site shall wear identification cards.

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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