Draft of Regulations for Determination of Fines for Violations of the Waste Disposal Act Preannounced


The EPA noted that there will be different amounts for fines set forth by the law. Determination of fines will be based upon the severity of pollution, its characteristics and the hazards posed by the violation. Repeat violators who have accumulated multiple fines, along with severe violators, are to be fined at the legally allowed maximum amount. Offenders who make financial gains exceeding the maximum fine will be given additional penalties by competent authorities.

Regulations for fine determination allow for appropriate fines to be given, thus avoiding previous situations in which an authority would simply fine a violator at the minimum rate required by the law. The updated fine determination takes into account the level of pollution, the type of pollution and the hazards caused by violators not abiding by the Waste Disposal Act. These regulations accomplish the goal of levying fines on severe violators and deterring others who might consider violating the Waste Disposal Act.

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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