Identification and Resolution of Public Nuisance Disputes

A. Handling of public nuisance disputes and provision of legal aid services

The keys to efficient resolution of public nuisance disputes lie in emergency management process, identification, gathering of evidence and preservation of evidence. The EPA provides legal aid services to victims of public nuisance disputes, and it assists victims in protecting their rights through the mediation and arbitration mechanism of the public nuisance resolution procedure or civil procedure.

B. Promotion of corporate social responsibility through awarding the ROC Enterprise Environmental Protection Award

The EPA established the ROC Enterprise Environmental Protection (EEP) Award as the highest honor granted to enterprises that have achieved outstanding environmental protection performances. Enterprises which receive the EEP Award are looked upon as the role models. The EEP Award encourages other enterprises to emulate the success of those role models as environmentally friendly and socially responsible corporations.

C. Regulations Governing Professional Environmental Engineer Certification Procedures

In current Taiwanese environmental protection laws and regulations, applications of certainly designated enterprises should be certified by registered environmental engineers. In order to maintain the quality of certification and uncover potential deficiencies, the EPA puts great emphasis on the management and audit quality of the environmental engineers. Findings derived from the reviews are not only used to improve the quality of certification, but also help enhance the performance of water, air, soil and groundwater pollution control.

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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