Current status


The EPA continues to gather academic articles and research about non-ionizing radiation (NIR) from all over the world. The EPA's website provides information about cell phone base stations, transformer stations, high voltage electricity towers, transmission and distribution power lines, as well as their NIR database.
A. The competent authorities of the Executive Yuan responsible for non-ionizing radiation issues are as follows:
(1) EPA - Environmental impact and monitoring of non-ionizing radiation 
(2) Ministry of Health and Welfare - Countermeasures of non-ionizing radiation on human health 
(3) National Communications Commission - Supervision and management of communications business, channel allocation and licensing 
(4) Ministry of Economic Affairs - Management of electrical equipment (high-voltage transmission and distribution lines, substations) and electrical products
(5) Ministry of Labor - Countermeasure to the impact of non-ionizing radiation on labor in the workplace

Environmental Protection Administration, R.O.C.(Taiwan)
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